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About Jessica

Jessica Soueidi was born in 1990 in France. She obtained a Master in Fine Arts from the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin of Strasbourg in 2015. 

"Jessica Soueidi is a young French artist whose paintings and drawings have been exhibited internationally, including in China, France, Singapore and the UK. Against the historical traditions of art, she composes works that represent women as complex, authentic human beings, removing them from their usual role as muses, decorations, trophies. She explores the positive impact of social media on women and believes that they are subconsciously influenced to become their own muses. Jessica challenges the viewers perspective as she applies roles that are not usually associated with women in art. Her overall aesthetic is full of bold colors and text, and even bolder women."


Text written by Alyssa Perrot, editor in chief at Singulart


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